This site is the accumulation of my journey into librarianship.

In 2014, I began my journey to complete my Masters in Library and Information Science. I had been an elementary teacher before having my children and had stumbled into working for libraries when we moved to Hawaii during the middle of the school year. I began working in the periodicals department of an academic library.  I feel in love with librarianship and realized that everything I love can be incorporated into one career field. Reading, teaching, education, and my love for finding information. This lead me to begin considering a change in career paths. After my youngest child began preschool I decided to follow my desire to become an academic librarian.

I chose San Jose State University because I have children and a full-time job that made it difficult to find time for a traditional classroom setting. The program at San Jose State University was also recommended to me by library manager. I recognized that San Jose State University’s program was accredited by the American Library Association and that it was 100% online program. This made the program desirable and able to fit my lifestyle. I also like this type of program because of the digital aspects that are becoming so important to the library science field. I had not been in school for ten years and I had become concerned that I did not have the technical skills to be competitive in the Library and Information Science field.

It was a difficult transition back to school after such a long time and from never taking an online class to having all online classes. At first, it felt overwhelming, but San Jose State University made the transition an educational, inspirational, and possible. I have become so much more technologically capable because I took this leap.

This portfolio represents my journal and the evidence provided shows my progression and technological advancement that has permeated my delve into the library and information science field. My journey began Fall of 2014 and continued until this my final semester of Fall 2017. I have used Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive to house my work throughout my coursework. I have learned how to apply the new ARCL frameworks into my information literacy instructions, how to create a libguide, how to utilize Guide on the Side, how to consider the user in the design of information retrieval systems, and how to design an information retrieval system. I have gone from having minimal technical knowledge to now knowing several programming languages, designing web pages, utilizing PHP, and MYSQL.

I have chosen to create a new WordPress account to house my E-portfolio. This will allow me to easily share my portfolio with potential employers and access my E-portfolio easily after graduation.  I will present my evidence in various formations to include:

  • Embedded or linked media files
  • Linked, downloadable PDF files (for papers and other written assignments; this may sometimes include screenshots of web artifacts presented as images in PDF documents)
  • Links to external content (to the website I designed, Facebook pages, and blog entries created for classes)

The Competencies page lists and describes the required competencies. Each Competency will be addressed in a post including evidence of completion of each competency. I will reflect on my commitment to lifelong learning, professional development, and continuation of my commitment to library and information science in my future endeavors.

I invite you to view my E-portfolio for INFO 289, submitted as required for the completion of my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at San Jose State University.

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